Server now back online

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Hello everybody. The Muncraft server is back up and running with two dual-core processors instead of just one! And I implemented a script to restart the server should it crash. Thank you for your patience!

Scheduled Maintenance from 8:30 PM to 10:30 PM NDT tonight

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Hello Muncrafters! Just letting you guys know that I’m bringing the server down at 8:30 PM NDT (7 PM Eastern) tonight (Monday, August 17) for two hours. I will be installing a second processor in the free CPU slot and rearranging the networking gear for a more reliable setup. The website will be down during the downtime, so look to for updates should the maintenance period last longer than projected!

Mojang Authentication Servers are currently down

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Unfortunately Mojang’s auth servers are down for the time-being due to DDoS attacks, so no Minecraft servers that authenticate through Mojang’s logins (most servers) are currently reachable until they return.
Updates as they happen are available from the Mojang Status twitter account:

Muncraft: The Rebirth

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✔ 2015/07/11: Server set up (Ubuntu, Apache2, PHP, MySQL)
✔ 2015/07/12: Internet connection upgraded from 7M/512K to 150M/10M
✔ 2015/07/13: Network environment set up
✔ 2015/07/14: Previous server assets recovered
✔ 2015/07/15: Java, Minecraft, and Spigot installed
✔ 2015/07/16: craftbukkit plugins updated and configured for new server with Spigot
✔ 2015/07/18: MySQL databases recovered (user permissions, other plugin data)
✔ 2015/07/18: Configuration verified, ensure we have no java.lang errors in the console
✔ 2015/07/19: ready to visit in your Minecraft client
✔ 2015/07/19: Cronjobs created (auto-start Minecraft after power failures)
✔ 2015/07/19: Maps rebuilt using dynmap engine (automatic when server is running)
✔ 2015/07/20: A brand new website, rebuilt for all of your Muncraft needs
✔ 2016/02/16: The return of the Wilbot IRC bot
✔ 2016/06/01: Uninterruptable power supplies for the server and routers


✘ Muncraft LAN parties